jeanne conference speaking

Last year, I started speaking at conferences more. Before that, I did a lot of “applying to speak at conferences without getting accepted.”

In December 2016, one of the speakers at the NY Java SIG cancelled. Frank Greco asked some of us regulars if we could speak (on a few days notice.) I sent a list of topics I could speak about. One was mutation testing. I did a great job and Frank recorded it on YouTube. Being able to include that in my speaking proposals made a difference. Or there was a strong correlation. Who knows.

Once I started speaking more, I was able to establish a good reputation.

Last week, at QCon, I got 94% green:

And I’m listed on the featured speaker page for Oracle Code One.

I enjoy presenting. I joined Toastmasters to get better at relaying technical information in an engaging/entertaining way. I think I’ve succeeded.

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