Devnexus 2018 keynote – nasa

Title: Designing and Visualizing Deep Space Manned Missions
Speakers: Diane Davis & Sean Phillips

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The keynote speakers started with a nice disclaimer about not working for NASA

Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway

  • Next outpost in space
  • ”only” 5 days away
  • Need to find an orbit that is not too hard to get into and out of
  • Big data problem  – can’t look at all the orbits.


  • ”We are builders we are creators; it is all about the tools”
  • ”You are more than the lines of code that you write. It’s not about the tools; its about the ideas”
  • ”Disturbing trend where measure based on lines of code. We need code; but we also need ideas Ideas that lift people up. Don’t leave here with the latest API/framework. Leave here with an idea”
  • Look at data points vs orbits to reduce dataspace
  • NetBeans – version 9 in beta
  • Cloud – so can plot more trajectories


  • Tried JavaScript canvas – not fast enough to render *lots* of data points. Redraw anvas every milliseconds based on current data
  • FXyz library – 3D library


  • Using parallel stream API
  • Hard to make parallel
  • Lots of math
  • Works great in cloud; lots of cores
  • Generates states/points or spacecraft

”As we all kow, the enemy’s gate is down; space is three dimensional” – nice to have an Ender’s Game reference in there!

My take

This was a fun start to the morning> A current event and very relevant.  The pictures were awesome. Showing code was awkward. Aside from being too small, dark colors on a black background does not look good in the distinace. (And I’m in the fifth row).  They both speak really well and the images of orbits are cool

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