JavaOne – How to Make a Project Java 9 Compatible

“How to Make a Project Java 9 Compatible”

Speaker: Nikhil Nanivadekar

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Examples use Eclipse Collections

Examples from:


  • Used ArrayListAdapter which uses reflection
  • Got illegal-access warning (when default was warn; now it is permit
  • If run with illegal-access=deny, it fails
  • Lesson: have lots of regression tests so know about such errors
  • Lesson: Allow a lot of time to migrate. Don’t start Friday evening. Long sequence of “just one more compilation error to fix”

Infering types

  • Compler error because can’t assume generictype to return
  • Comes up when class doesn’t have a generic type and try to store it in one that does.
  • Compiler not supposed to infer type
  • Fix is to cast or store in a local variable
  • Similarly need to declare types on class instatiation if not diamond operator usage


  • collect() now calls Objects.requireNotNull(combiner).
  • In Java 8, a null combiner worked in serial mode because not used.

“I love compiler errors vs runtime exceptions”

Migrating a Java 8 Maven project to Java 9

  • Migrated a maze solving project. Was written recently so not legacy code
  • Switch source/target of maven-compiler-plugin to “9”.
  • Changed JDK in IntelliJ.
  • Maven itself works fine with Java 9. Compiling works. JavaDoc and Enforcer plugins work fine with milestone version; not yet for released versions. Seewiki on support for Java 9 in Maven plugins
  • Looking at modularizing library in future
  • Runs without adding module info file or doing anything else
  • Once add module file, more enforcement happens. ex: error on unnamed packages
  • Eclipse and IntelliJ have quick tip to add requires
  • Important: start with base module
  • If not using a build tool, need to ensure no cyclic dependencies. (build tool takes care of this for you)
  • Add exports clause for module. The compiler error just says the class isn’t found. It doesn’t say it is because the export is missing.
  • Move code in split package to another package updating all callers
  • Delete empty package; can’t have empty package
  • Hide internal packages by not exporting sub-packages

My take: Nice to see issues by example. And nice to see that it wasn’t “all about Jigsaw.” It was a good mix of problem types!

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