JavaOne – Community Keynote

“Community Keynote”

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  • This year, open sourced IBM JDK 9 (OpenJ9)and LIberty Server
  • Demo: microservices, error handling, live code update, Docker
  • Expecting coding in the cloud will become more common
  • More innovation needed: cloud dynamics, containers, hardware
  • Container Kindergarten – play will with others; don’t steal resources/toys from other containers
  • Competition around best JVM
  • Guarded storage – physical hardware that can run GC in parallel by adjusting to memory moves
  • “Server doesn’t even mean the same as it used to”
  • Java EE got reputation for being monolithic. Hasn’t been true in a long time. Now have lighweight runtimes Ex: TomEE, Liberty
  • Even with Kubernetes, need runtime so app can run in portable way
  • Open Liberty – supports Java EE 7, Microprofile, Docker. Uses Eclipse upgrade. Biggest open source contribution IBM ever made. Can get production support as paid upgrade. Designed to be run for microservices and cloud native apps.
  • Microprofie -optimized enterprise capabiities for micro services. Looking at contributing to Java EE or moving under EE4J umbrella.


  • Cute skit about this being a rehersal for the Matrix. Callouts to Brazil and the Netherlands. Callout to Star Wars. Callout to Java’s new 6 month release schedule
  • [The lights are green which makes for an interesting reflection on my iPad keyboard]
  • Simulated [I think] tech failures
  • Used underscore variable and changed to double unerscore when didn’t compile
  • Counting: “8, 9 , 18.3, 18.9, whaaat”
  • Follow the white duke (to the JCP party
  • Scene 2: Juggie (a puppet), a bunch of JUG leaders in costumes and two artists
  • The blue J2EE bill taes you back and the red EE4J pill… YOur improvements will be faster now.
  • The agents are spreading fear saying Java EE is dead. The JUG Leaders are the first line of defense
  • Each JUG leader said something about upgrading or a new feature
  • RV carries more and has couch/bathroom. But motorcyce more agile an can go anywhere
  • Scene 3: green screen on motorcycle
  • Scene 4: Went to Japan to learn how to fight agents. Taught spirit of Jigsaw. Used the machine with the 60 Raspberry Pi devices in a circle to check punch. Creates video to see from all angles.
  • Scene 5: Virtual User Group – in 3 weeks, doing 24 hours of vjug. And a bunch of people from the vjug went up
  • Fun references to Java and EE from the matrix in the background as they did dialog
  • Matrix is killing processes as they start up. Deployed 6 instances of programming using Kubernetes to Google, IBM and Oracle clouds. Had visual as killed instances and they came back up. Scaled it 400 and watched the isul grow. Lots of references to the cost. . Google hangout session into VJUG
  • Scene 6: Meet architect of Matrix and our hero defeats the agents.. The agents make up and turn back into dev

My take: I was thinking of not going to the keynote to get some extra sleep and then getting ready for my session. Glad I woke up at 6:30 to get ready and attended to whole keynote. IBM’s was interestng and well put together. And Oracle’s “movie” was awesome! And the more people you recognized, the better it was. Lots of references to various news to such as Angular not having a migration path.

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