JavaOne – Mockito 2 Cleaner Tests and Enhanced Productivity

“Mockito 2 Cleaner Tests and Enhanced Productivity”

Speaker: Szczepan Faber
[nice twitter handle – @mockitoguy]

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  • Started in 2008 to overcome shortcomings of JMock and EasyMock
  • Mockito is number 3 Java library on github [not sure what this means]
  • 2016 – Mockito 2 came out
  • About 50 unique contributors


  • Talked about the importance of clean code
  • Plugged GTD (gettng things done) book
  • A good test tell you why it fails without using debugger
  • Used given/when/then format in tests – recommends actually writing those three words in comments; encourages to think about test that way
  • PowerMock extends/integrates with Mockito so can test legacy code

Live coding based on


  • Fails with clear messages
  • Can click on line in console output message to go to it in IDE
  • JMock/EasyMock use strict mocking as default. Mockito is lenient by default so don’t have to put “unnecessary” code in the tests. [he did a demo of strict mocking simulation. I didn’t follow it. the code is here]
  • MockitoJUnit.rule().strictness(Strictness.STRICT_STUBS) can change default. MockitoSession is the non-rule way to do so. Strict stubbing good as finds unused code. [confused; he just got through saying that strict mocking is bad. but it’s good for stubbing?].
  • Mockito 3 has strict stubs this as a default.
  • With strict stubs, don’t need to call verify – finds unused coe
  • There’s a way to enroll in strict stubs without the @Rule [didn’t show how]
  • Use shipkit for CD

My take: CodeRanch is in the process of migrating to Mockito (from a mix of Mockito/JMock and random other things). It was good to see best practices. I’m going to miss strict mocking. Trying to keep an open mind. I was able to follow most of it with my minimal experience with Mockito. Thought there’d have been a bit of intro up front. I left with questions though. For example, I don’t follow why strict mocks are bad but strict stubs are good. Which is conceptual so I was hoping to follow his point. And he has another session immediately after this one so can’t ask hallway questions.

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