JavaOne – Maven BOF

“Maven 5 BOF”

Speaker: Brian Fox, Manfred Moser & Robert Scholte

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[I was late because we talked more about JUnit 5 after the BOF]

Only 26.4% of Maven Central traffic is from Maven. Nothing else is more than 10% though; not even Ivy or Gradle

Some projects don’t have snapshots; instead every commit is a release

Talked about version ranges. Depends on proximity to your project rather than the latest version. Important to clean up pom dependencies before Java 9 so not in module path. Use Maven dependency plugin (analyze) to find unused ones. Make sure to use latest version of depedency plugin.

Maven won’t generate module descriptor. Different purpose. Not all modules are dependencies. More info in module descriptor. What to export is a decision that needs to be decided by developer. jdeps can generate a rough descriptor to get started based on binaries.

Can have .mvn file inside projects with preferences startig in Maven 3.3.5. For example, you can specify to provide more memory.

Shouldn’t be issues going from 3.3.5 to 3.5.9

Maven (dependency) resolver is now a standalone project

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