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This blog post is like a sandwich. I arrived a few minutes late due to not allowing enough time for security. And leaving a little early so ready for my session. Sat at aisle in last row so easy to leave. Feels weird sitting all the way in the back. But cool because see whole audience.

Data from Intel

  • Data is to this century what oil was to the last
  • Autonomous car generates 14TB a day
  • Moving from compute centric to data centric world
  • Speed, operating at Scale and Smarts (AI and make better decisions)
  • Talked about chip improvements
  • Persistent memory – speed of SSD
  • Pilot library for persistent collections
  • Alibaba talked about how Singles Day had more traffic than Black Friday. Along with importance of hardware, persistent collections and representative workloads
  • Data Bench for testing
  • BigDL uses Hadoop for deep learning. Works with Java, Scala and Python
  • Talked about importance of scalar/vector processing for graphics. Intel posted a long URL on the screen for the Vector API Developer Program


  • #1 Programming language
  • 12 million developers
  • 38 bilion VMs
  • 21 billion cloud connected VMs

Mark Cavage

  • Themes: Open, Evolving, Nimble, Scalable
  • “When companies grow up, they use Java.” “People rewriting in Java”
  • Hard to remove things, but need to in order to stay relevant
  • Moving Java EE to Eclipse foundation should make more nimble. Moving everything spec, reference implementation, TCKs, etc
  • Brought up rep from Tomitribe (Tomcat), IBM and RedHat
  • Inherit a lot. EE4J is like enterprise Java for the next generation
  • IBM released their JDK to Eclipse Foundation as well – Open J9. Took a year to do that
  • @EclipseEE4J
  • Java SE 9 – modules mae it possible to evolve platform. ava 9 is the first step.
  • OpenJDK will be under GPL license
  • Oracle JDK will open source all features. Not specific commercial only one
  • Need to ship more often. Last release 3 years ago. [glad they said 3 rather than 2. planning for 2 doesnt make it so]


  • Companies choose Ruby until doesn’t scale Ex: Facebook is now a big Java/Hadoop shop
  • Developer ADD – want something new, shiny and fast
  • Redmonk developer rankings done quarterly looing at github and stackoverflow. JavaScript and Java always do best
  • It’s nice to have new things, but it is also nice to sleep at night
  • Spotify

    • Started with Python. Switched to Java/Scala for scale
    • Fail locally – if search fails, doesn’t affect streaming
    • Devs run and own their microservices


    • Open source becoming more important as an alternative to vendor lockin
    • Containers decouple from environment and sometimes the OS
    • Starting to see middleware being split up by combining machines and functionality moving to libraries
    • Resource management, not just VMs

    FN Project
    Serverless project
    They staged the open sourcing on stage. Granted it was planned. But still a nice ceremony.

    Java chief architect
    Tech troubles and we learned he completely relies on a prompt screen. When prompting worked again, he started talking about the basics of classpath vs module path. These are really high level; he should have been able to speak to it. I left during his session to talk over and get ready for my lab

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