JavaOne – Development Horror Stories

“Development Horror Stories”

Speaker: Roberto Cortez & Oleg Shelajev

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My favorite stories

  • Missing a space caused deleting way too much
  • Construction workers unplugged
  • Email look of invalid emails – crashed server a 5-6 million emails
  • Not blaming vs not holding accountable vs not improving
  • Backup not following sym links
  • QA and Prod on same box means…
  • Routed all transactions to one place – “Don’t let developers touch production”
  • Loading a table delete all other rows
  • Delete IE 8 and 7 to use IE 6. Can’t debug because too much JavaScript for dev console and GWT can’t handle IE 6. Problem was JavaScript closing the right click option on resize
  • Dev machine was the only place the code was stored. Decompiling is not the same
  • == vs .equals() caused error under one db but not another
  • Backup in different file system format and all the files were gone
  • Website turned into Chinese because Tomcat using default password

“We are all laughing here, but every story has a teaching moment”

My take: They said this was meant to be a BOF. And they ran it as one wich was good. It was a nice final session of the day. It read like “confessions of developers”

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