Turning off SonarLint for a project in Eclipse

Overall, I like using SonarLint in Eclipse. When I’m doing something like working on the CodeRanch forums, being informed of possible problems is great. When working on mock exam questions, not so much. Mock¬†exam questions have lots of System.out.println statements. They also have a variety of poor coding practices for anywhere other a certification exam.

Luckily, turning off SonarLint for a project is a simple two part operation.

Part 1 – Turn off Sonar Lint for the project

  1. Just go to the project preferences and choose SonarLint.
  2. Then uncheck “Run SonarLint” automatically.

If you have the foresight to do this before you’ve opened any files in the project, you are done. If not, there is part 2.

Part 2 РDelete any issues thus far

  1. Open the SonarLint Issues view.
  2. Select all. (Ctrl-A is your friend).
  3. Right click and choose Delete.
  4. Choose yes when asked if you are sure.

That’s it. I’m glad I ddi this. Less than a couple of minutes of effort and now I don’t have blue squiggles in all my mock exam stuff!

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