ocp java 8 programmer II beta

Scott and I both took the OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) Java 8 Programmer II beta exam this week.

(edit: I’m now OCP certified with an 88%)


We both had 106 questions. It was a three hour exam. I needed two hours for my first pass of the questions. I marked about 25 questions for review and used the remaining time for those. The nice thing about a beta is that you get lots of questions. Sometimes one question gives a clue for another question. For example (not on the exam), maybe you aren’t sure if a method is called set() or put(). Then you get to a question that uses put() and doesn’t have “does not compile” as a choice. Perfect. Now you know something.

As always, you can review questions you’ve marked or all questions in order. The only way to go to a specific question is if you’ve marked it for review. Otherwise you could potentially be clicking next scores of times. I tend to click a lot for review so this isn’t a problem.

Scott and I took the test at different testing centers. We were both given a locker for our personal belongings. I’ve been to a few testing centers and never seen that before. I like being able to have the key to the locker with my belongings!

We also both got one 8.5 x 11 erasable page with a felt tip erasable marker and an eraser. I like getting more than that. I found myself erasing a lot to make space. It’s really important to figure out how to make the best use of your space on the page. I use one column for questions I want to go back to and the topic (so I can look for answers hidden in other questions or think of it later.) I use another column for “facts.” They may be things I’m reminded of during the exam. Often there are things I write down the second the exam starts. That way I don’t have to keep it memorized. For the stuff that’s hard for me to remember. And I use the bottom for actually solving problems. Like drawing what is in variables.

The testing center I went to also gave me earplugs. First time I’ve ever been handed earplugs. The irony was that it wasn’t loud! When I went to the loud testing center, I didn’t get earplugs!

Study materials

For the new topics, see my blog post on the upgrade exam beta. There are a few new objectives in this beta that weren’t in the upgrade exam beta like @Override. Also, some objectives changed scope since the Java 7 exam. Which you can see from the objectives. But there’s nothing like taking the test to make that sink it. I reviewed largely from draft chapters of our upcoming OCP 8 book.




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