[first] keeping FIRST kids safe (the new youth protection program)

Keeping FIRST kids safe (largely about the new screening process)

This session was a short video followed by mostly Q&A.

For other posts about the 2014 FIRST conference, see the index page.  (written on my iPad; please excuse typos)

The video

  • about how to protect students from physical, mental and emotional abuse. It also covered physical safety and teamwork.
  • Good – reinforce coopertition and go
  • For small issues, Talk about a problem, redirect to something more appropriate, be specific, document (for yourself, in case a pattern
  • If bigger problem, email safety@usfirst.org

Youth Protection Program

  • Will be training materials online- not yet
  • Two key coaches must register


  • Free.  (FIRST covers the cost of)
  • Give full legal name, address, optional last 4 of social security number
  • They look at:  Sex offender registry, criminal records db
  • Takes 1.5 business days unless problem

Who is screened

  • If screened in past 2 years, don’t have to do it again.  Expires every 3 years
  • “All” coaches and event volunteers
  • Up to lead coaches whether need other mentors require youth protection clearance
  • Anyone who volunteers for events in VIMS will be screened.
  • Walk on volunteers will still be accepted and paired with someone who has been screened

My impressions:

I had heard about the youth protection program, but hadn’t read what it was. Since I was here, I figured I would hear it live.

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