logging onto a chromebook with two factor

I have 2 factor authentication set up on my gmail.  Needless to say signing on with my id was not the first thing I did with the Chromebook!  But now that I’m content that easy things are easy, it is time to try something hard.  [turned out not to be hard at all]

I’ll be back with the getting started with the chromebook series.  2factor isn’t something most people have set up so I’m posting this one standalone.

Step 1  – Add a user

Click the “Add user” button in the lower left.  It requires network access for this.  I was worried, I’d have to re-enable wifi, but it lets you click Verizon for the network and activate over 3g.  It is only the initial user that requires wifi.

Step 2 – Sign on with password

This is where I was expecting trouble.  I typed in my password.  When I enter my password in gmail, I get prompted for another code (my 2 factor code.)  I was thrilled when the chromebook prompted me for the 2 factor code.  This is great!  I can logon to the chromebook using two factor just as easily as I can logon to gmail using 2factor.  Good job!

Alternate approach

I was expecting my fallback to be logging onto the Chromebook as a guest and then using two factor normally from the browser.

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