oracle certification – linking existing pearson/prometric accounts

Oracle has switched to PearsonVUE and is asking candidates past/present to migrate their history from Prometric.  I have an existing PearsonVUE account from my Spring Certification.  The steps were straightforward enough and *almost* matched the documentation.

  1. Go to the Oracle transition site
  2. Click my account
  3. Login to your existing PearsonVUE account resetting the password as needed.
  4. It asks to enter your Oracle information. (I got an error here.)  I choose the “more information” link to recover from the error.  Oracle is in pulldown now.
  5. Enter your Oracle testing id.  This is your Prometric id and was e-mailed to you on May 16th.
  6. Click save
  7. Click confirm

It now says

Your request to add Oracle Certification Program has been forwarded to our Testing Program team. If you provided a valid email address, we will notify you when your request has been processed. This typically occurs within one business day. You can also return to this site and check if Oracle Certification Program has been added to your list of Testing Programs.

Thank you for your interest in Oracle Certification Program.

8 thoughts on “oracle certification – linking existing pearson/prometric accounts

  1. I created the account but when I logged in… no previous data for my certifications. Just my Oracle/Prometric ID. Perhaps, it takes time to transfer over? Or are they not showing your previous certifications on the account?

  2. Hi Jeanne,

    your Oracle Testing ID is the same Prometric ID? I put my Prometric ID on the field called Oracle Testing Id but on my profile appears another ID.

  3. I can not see my certification history either however I can choose Profile->Additonal Information and there I can find something related to my Prometric ID , it says “Oracle Certification Program — Oracle Testing ID: xxxxxxx”.

  4. Dear all,
    recently i had passed the 1z0-851 exam the center told me to ask oracle site to send the certificate to my P.O. Box.
    i had made a new account and there is nothing about my exam or any other information.
    so how can i order it or ask about it?

  5. I have completed my Sun certification and recently i have created a new PearsonVue account by giving Oracle testing id but i couldn’t see any exam history over there.Please help me out of it.

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