Using Google Meet to screenshare for seniors not comfortable with technology

I have to describe how to use Google Meet to someone not comfortable with it. Writing it down as a reference here. This is *a* simple way, it’s not the only way. I find that giving too many choices makes it harder to remember a way.

Step 1 – receive a Google Meet link from someone you trust

Yes, one can start a Google Meet on their own (go to and click “new meeting”). But the person who starts the meeting, has to add people. And since odds are the other person is more comfortable with this, better to receive.

Important: Make sure the link is from a trusted party. This isn’t the computer repair scam here.

For example, a link might be sent from a trusted relative. If you aren’t sure, check using a way you normally you normally communicate with that person.

Step 2 – click on the link

You will get a screen with a lot of choices. “Click as to join”. The person who started the meeting will get a prompt and let you in.

Step 3 – audio/video

Make sure your speaker/mic is on. This button controls whether you are on video. (For example, maybe you want to show a broken flashlight or something)

Step 4 – screenshare time

Click this picture to “present now”

You will then get asked what you want to share. Choose “entire screen”. (It essentially the same thing as sharing a window if you stay in Chrome. And doesn’t have an extra question!)

Click the picture of a screen and then the blue “share” button”. If the share button is not visible due to screen resolution, you can just press enter for this step.

When you are done, hang up

Take control

Note there is a Chrome Remote Desktop plugin if you need to take control. This is not a feature of Google Meet

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