[2022 javaone] Blisful linear algebra with project panama

Speaker: Paul Sandoz

For more see theĀ table of contents

There was a lot of code/data so linking to the deck


  • Superset of Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
  • C library
  • On github


  • FFM (Foreign Function and Memory) API and tooling
  • Preview in Java 19
  • Call native libraries/process native data without brittleness/danger of JNDI
  • MemorySegment – contiguous region of memory – replaces ByteBuffer without size limits and memory management constraints
  • SegmentAllocator – malloc like for producing segments
  • MemorySession – manages deallocation of segments


  • C and Java versions have same structure
  • Can do some logic in Java and use lambdas


  • Multivariate state estimation technique
  • Machine learning
  • MSET2 – proprietary enhancement to MSET
  • Design matrix – matrix of sensors and observations

My take

While I don’t think I’d ever need to use this, it is cool to see. I don’t miss C!

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