Java Developer Productivity on Windows from Microsoft JDConf

Rich Turner @richturn_ms

I like that the talk was mostly live demo!

  • WinGet
    • new tool – unveiled in May at Build conference
    • built into windows
    • can install separately if on standard windows 10
    • can download source code of winget
    • like brew/apt-get
    • install from command line
    • can install apps from winget repo
    • can install apps from Windows Store that don’t require payment
    • can create own repo sources
    • color progress bar as downloads
    • examples of what can install: java, git bash
  • PowerShell
  • Windows Terminal – supports multiple terminals
  • If planning on deploying to Linux
    • could dual boot
    • could use VM
    • or use Windows Subsystem for LInux (WSL)
      • announced in 2016
      • has ubuntu shell
      • updated to WSL2 in 2020 which is lighter weight
      • can see Windows files from Linux and Linux files from Windows

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