Github from Microsoft JDConf

Presented by: Byron Walker and Trent Jones

General note: I didn’t get much out of this . The font/resolution was too small/blurry for the demo even full screen and I had some “distractions” at my end. I’m sure it was recorded and in theory I can go back and watch it one day. The demo was fine though. I got the idea. Felt kinda commercial like. And was shorter than I expected. Listed as 25 minutes; was 15. And only half was demo. The other half felt like doc reading. Oh well. My notes:


  • Enable in settings: Dependabot alerts
  • Get security alerts on dependencies
  • See in email or in UI
  • Can make pull requeests


  • containerized
  • web based VS Code. Or connect from standalone VS code

GitHub Actions

  • Showed .yaml edited in codespace to create CI
  • Supports running tasks in parallel
  • Many OSS workflows that can reuse

GitHub Packages

  • Showed docker package from repo
  • Supports docker, npm, maven, nuget

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