Our OCP Java 11 1Z0-815 book is out and already a best seller

Update (11/05/2020): Read The 1Z0-819 Exam page to learn how you can easily our Java 11 Study Guides to prepare for Oracle’s 1Z0-819 Exam, as well as the 1Z0-817 Upgrade Exam.

Our OCP Java 11 1Z0-815 book has printed. And it’s already a best seller in Oracle Certification. I wonder if last week’s CodeRanch book promo helped?

Rounding out the top three are our Java 8 cert books.

Even thought this is our fourth book, I’m still excited to hold it. The physical book makes it feel real!

It’s also fun to get a box of books. These won’t be in my house for long! I’ve already “allocated” who they are going to.

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