“resetting” docker

I tried to run “docker –version” on my Mac and it hung. That’s odd. I rebooted and same thing. After some useless fiddling, I decided to try reinstalling. Here’s what I did:

  1. Deleted /docker folder from Applications (this was the old Toolkit which I think I haven’t used in ages)
  2. Tried to delete Docker app from Applications. That failed because it was in use.
  3. Opened Activity Monitor and killed docker
  4. Actually deleted Docker app from Applications.
  5. Reinstalled Docker Desktop

While this was likely way overkill, it worked. And once I stopped fiddling, it took less than 15 minutes

Update: The next time I tried to do something, I got a prompt to accept XCode’s license agreement. That was likely the original problem causing the “hang”

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