[2019-oracle-code-one] Your Project, Brand, and Career

Your Project, Brand, and Career: Bring Attention to Your Project or Blog

Speakers: Yolande Poirier, Kenneth Kousen (@kenkousen), Donald Raab (@TheDonRaab) & Alexa Weber Morales (@WorlWindWriting)

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  • When we blog, we are trying to create long tail content.
  • Ken Kousen gave a shout out to this blog. I’d write more, but it’s be recursive 🙂 [Click here for details]
  • Alexa switched from Twitter to YouTube. Didn’t transition audience.


  • Form audience member: YouTube one directional. Twitter overwhelming.
  • Alexa suggested using same material on multiple channels. Ex: Convert youtube content to blog posts.
  • Yolanda runs @java youtube account. Can get transcript. Alexa said kludgy. Yolanda said teh transcript isn’t good because doesn’t understand tech terms. Rev.com sells better transcript for $1/minute
  • YouTube will penalize you if no written content. Be sure to tag.
  • Ken has a podcast which is part of a youtube channel.


  • What are you working on right now?
  • Blogs are about sharing.
  • Can share as learn and people see progression.
  • Ken’s blog is called “stuff I’ve learned recently”
  • Ken suggested thinking of blog as notes to yourself.
  • Write for self. Don’t assume initial content will get read.
  • Need to advertise first blog to get audience.


  • Following increases over time as more people discover it. Important to have new content out there regularly.
  • Don tries to keep blog posts to a 3 minute read
  • Don posts executable code
  • “Whale post” – long post (ex: 2000 words). Some people will go back and update.
  • People like to see their (full) name. Interviewing people will get them to read it.
  • Guest posting
  • Present with someone/co-author with someone – spreads there name recognition
  • Blogs have stats
  • “Dance like nobody is matching; Blog like you are testifying in court” – Ken
  • Don blogs about open source so nobody thinks about his current work.
  • Don’t need focus. The focus is you. People will Google what need and look at your other posts. Ok if they are interested or not.
  • Write articles for InfoQ or DZone and follow up with blogs
  • Combine topics with tags

Where publish – once or everywhere

  • Medium posts can group/collect posts. Ex: Android
  • Ken used WordPress blog hosted there.
  • SEO = don’t repost
  • Don has goal to blog at least monthly. Will sometimes post at 11:59 on last day of month.
  • Ken noted can pay extra for own domain so not obvious hosted on wordpress. Also dev.to, github.io pages
  • Alexa said to make sure to use a CMS so get SEO advantage
  • Can set up to automatically tweet about new blog posts.
  • If write newsletter, make blog post as well
  • Scott noted you can pipe your blog to Amazon. [we do that]
  • Alexa speculated that walled garden approach is going down. Once something viral, it’s everywhere. So harder to wall off content and require pay.

My take

The presenters have a great rapport It was a great session for the final day since it was less “technical”

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