[2019 oracle code one] community keynote

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  • Throwing spaghetti code in toxic waste
  • 80s – Ken as pac man and Mala as ghost.
    • 8 bit characters.
    • Power pill.
    • Make pong and spaghetti code monster.
    • Text based code scrolls by
    • Duke scares it off
  • 90’s – Mario and Lugi 64 bit.
    • Netscape “Browser” as Bowser.
    • ”Applets are full of security holes. That should defeat bowser”.
    • Henri opened Visual Cafe and Visual J++
  • 2000 – Angry Birds and Lasagna code. The eagle as an inflatable costume is awesome.
    • XML and EJB and Struts
    • “XML is like human. Cute when small. Gets annoying as it gets bigger”.
    • Groovy and Scala.
    • I like Venkat coding in Sublime just like in his real presentations.
    • Other languages motivate Java to move forward (ex: pattern matching, lambdas).
    • Spring – giant slinky.
    • Convention over configuration. Grails.
  • 2010’s – Minecraft
    • Minecraft written in Java in 2009
    • As a service
    • Ravioli code
    • Java acquired superpowers – Invoke dynamic, Method handles, lambdas
    • Java ascends to cloud
    • New heros – spring cloud, micronaut, microprofile, quarkus

My take

This was hilarious. I like that they wrote who the people were on the screen. The historic references were incredible. Happy ending. “Community wins” and Duke comes out. Throw clouds at bad guys

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