[oracle code one] maven bof

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Discussion based. Key points:

  • 3.6.2 – some people were able to reduce memory consumption a lot. Four times less
  • 3.6.2 – environment variables in toolchain, not just settings.
  • Future: specify if want to fail on warnings (default to warn on warn)
  • CI: clean out workspace vs maven clean. Maven clean avoids pulling code again or if have local repo in workspace
  • Latest maven compiler will remove class files if sees change. Then recompiles
  • Some projects call plugins without understanding what do. Some can be unused code.
  • ”90% issues are people adding stuff don’t need”
  • Fabric 8 plugin – can generate and deploy docker images
  • Visual tool to show the build plan https://github.com/jcgay/buildplan-maven-plugin

My take

Any session where I have “homework” (something to try) is a good one in my mind!

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