[QCon 2019] Beyond entitlements for cloud native

Chandra Guntur and Hong Liu

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  • Responsiblity management – group access control, people moving groups or leaving
  • Common solution – role based access


  • Human Optimized Configuration Object Notation
  • Superset of JSON
  • Supports comments
  • Supports multi-line strings
  • Allows includes and subsutitions (from request payload or on server)

Eclipse Collections

  • Need more than built in collections


  • Open Policy agent
  • open source
  • Uses “rego” – declarative native query languages
  • Use REST
  • openpolicyagent.org
  • Contains agent/executable, config and start up scrippt
  • Has IntelliJ plugin

My impressions

The talk was good and full of information. It was hard for me to pay attention because I had seen the talk last week in practice. So it was fresh on the mind and it was the end of a long day. I was also about to run out of power on my device. So I walked around with the mic for Q&A instead of including Q&A in the blog post.

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