Jeanne’s experiences taking the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

Yesterday, I took and passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. Also see:

Registering for the exam

Registering was pretty easy. You enter your zip code and it tells you the next available exam date of the nearby centers. You can click on each one to see actual dates/times. There were both weekday and weekend choices which was nice.

The exam center

I took the exam at “Forest Hills Brainseed.” Being able to walk to the venue was nice because I could leave “unnecessary objects” at home!

The center had a locker for your stuff. You hold the key during the exam. They weren’t strict about what you put in the locker. I kept my credit card and tissues in my pockets. (Some centers have made me empty my pockets.) The center keeps your drivers license while you are in the exam room.

Like most exams, you are entitled to a writing utensil and something to write on. This center uses paper and pencil. I haven’t gotten physical paper at an exam in ages. It was *so* nice.

This center also provides ear plugs which I didn’t need.

The center had two rooms of 10 computers each. My room was less than half filled, but it was still hot. Luckily, I wore a short sleeve t-shirt under a sweatshirt so could just remove my sweatshirt.

The actual exam

The software didn’t log me in at first. The center had me change computers and then it worked.

After 22 minutes, I had completed my first pass of the exam and was 100% confident on 44 of the answers. (Passing is a little higher than that.) Luckily I was 50% confident of others. I did some more review but turned it in with about 50 minutes left. (I always finish cert exams quickly.)

After you click “End test”, you get 6-9 survey questions. Then you get your pass/fail result. One to five days later, you’ll get an email with your actual score. (Janeice and I both got the score one day later). Given that this is a pass fail exam, the score isn’t important to me. That said, I did get a good score – 895 (out of 1000)

How to view your score

  • Sign in to the AWS Training and Certification Portal.
  • Click the ‘Certification’ tab.
  • Click the ‘AWS Certification Account’ button.
  • Click “Previous Exams”
  • Click “Download” on the right hand side

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