[2018 oracle code one] evolutionary architecture in agile environment

Evolutionary architecture in agile environment

Speaker: Xavier Rene-Corail

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  • Not that we don’t have a plan. We have a plan. But it can change
  • Emerging design – do have a high level design. Not chaos
  • Things change. There’s nothing that will not change. Make easy to change the things that will/might.
  • Prototype architecture. Working software over comprehensive documentation. Architects shouldn’t deliver paper docs

Software architecture is

  • “the important stuff (whatever that is)” – Ralph Johnson
  • finding internal *abiities
  • managing conflicting *abilities and determining which is most important

Agility is

  • ability to move quickly and easily – Oxford dictionary

Evolution of architectural styles

  • Monolith – not scalable, single point of failure
  • Layered – defacto standard for JEE apps
  • SOA – natively scalable, but cn turn into monolith
  • Microservices – now need orchestration
  • Severless – abstract more

Beware of

  • Dependency hell/service dependencies
  • Distributed transactions


  • Minimize coupling
  • Couple fro highly changing to infrequently changing
  • Ask users for feedback. Don’t overarchitect
  • Feature flags. Make safe to fail
  • Eat an elephant one bite at a time. Design that way too

Decide up front – programming languages and frameworks. These are difficult to change.

My take: Good session. My notes are “less good” because I was eating lunch during the design principles. So listening, but not blogging! 

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