qcon tuesday 2016 – live blog table of contents

I’m attending QCon New York 2016 for one day (Tuesday). I got a free pass for being selected for a BoF (Birds of A Feather) tonight. This post is the table of contents for all the sessions I attended (and will be filled in with blog posts as the day goes on)

Interesting logistics

  • InfoQ is 10 years old
  • Community night – 7:15-9:55 is open to non conference attendees
  • I’m doing one of four BoFs. Plus conference session on papers, JavaSig and vendor sessions. Lots of things at the same time. To incentivize people to stay, they are raffling a conference ticket.
  • Wireless has a 20 minute timeout. And there’s 25 minutes between session. Sounds like a lot of re-connecting over the day.

Note: I’m blogging from a computer rather than an iPad (since I needed the computer for the BoF) – so typing quality is better than usual.

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