cropping video fast for dummies on a mac (updated for 2015)

I don’t edit video often, which means it feels different each time I try. I last wrote about cropping on a Mac in 2012. It felt different (but easier) this time.

Downloading the file from youtube

I entered the original youtube URL into Then I downloaded the mp4 file.

Opening the video in iMovie

  1. Open iMovie
  2. New Project
  3. No theme
  4. Name project
  5. Import Media > navigate to the mp4

Crop the video

  1. In the thumbnails view, select the beginning of where you wan the video to start.
  2. Drag to where you want the video to end.
  3. Adjust as needed
  4. Play the video in the preview to ensure it is right.

Export the video

  1. File
  2. Share > File
  3. Next
  4. Save to location
  5. Wait until Mac pops up message that export was successful

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