How to Study for the Java Foundations Junior Associate exam

Oracle’s Java Foundations Junior Associate exam is brand new (in beta at the time of this post). Since this isn’t an upgraded version of an existing exam, it’s going to take time for books to come out on the topic. [Update: If they do at all. This isn’t a popular exam]

I took the beta today to see if Scott and my OCA 8 (or 11) book could be used to study. The answer is yes supplemented by a few other things. (In the interest of disclosure, this is true of any OCA book you might have access to as well.)

Before you read any further, see my other post on why I think you shouldn’t take the Junior Associate exam.

Still reading? Ok. If you have your mind set on taking the Junior Associate exam, here’s what you need to know.

Objectives Mapping

This cross references the objectives between the OCA 8 and Junior Associate exam. As you can see, reading an OCA book will put you in good shape. Then there are the “new” objectives. See the table at the bottom of our Java Foundations page for links to blog posts with sample questions.

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