accessing microsoft live meeting from a mac

I used my Mac to access a live meeting months ago. Everything was fine. Since then I upgraded my Java install and then it become difficult. Live Meeting has a test page so you can test compatibility in advance of the meeting. This blog post goes through what to do to get it working with Java 8. (Java 7 after a certain patch level has the same issues).

Go to the test page and click “join meeting.” You’ll get one or two pop-ups similar to the following with the error message “Application Blocked By Java Security” and the detail “For security, applications must now meet the requirements for the High or Very High security settings, or be part of the Exception Site List, to be allowed to run”. Note the location. The number could change. For me it was

safari1It would be nice if Microsoft – a large company – would sign their applet to make this unnecesary, but ok.

  1. System Preferences
  2. Java
  3. Security
  4. Click “edit site list”
  5. Try the URL you noted ( in my example)
  6. Add

It now looks like:


At this point, restart your browser. If you just re-load the page, it will not pick up on the new settings. If you did it correctly, you will see one or two prompts of:


If you try this in Safari, it will hang forever with the screen:


According to this thread, you need a 64 bit browser to use Java now. (Thanks for the error message Oracle. Failing silently is the way to go. Ok done with the sarcasm.) Safari and Chrome are 32 bit. Switching to Firefox.

To start with, you get a misleading error about Firefox not being supported. Ignore it and click “enter meeting” anyway.


Next you get to similar warnings to confirm you really want to run the applet. Click run twice:


You may need to click the address bar to allow it to run the applet:


At this point, you may get the blue hang screen we saw in Safari. This time, click the brick icon in the popup and allow.


And finally – success:




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