blogging from app security usa with my ipad

Presuming the internet holds out, I’ll be blogging from the App Security USA conference for the next two days. Scott and I tried this at The Server Side Java Symposium a few years ago. I have a newer iPad (air) now with keyboard so it will be interesting to see how the iPad blogging experience differs.

Adding a link
I didn’t realize right away that Safari now shows you only the domain name unless ou click on the location bar to see the real link.

New keyboard. Need to get used to it. I seem to have to press harder on the keys than I like.


  • The visual view isn’t working for me in the iPad WordPress browser editor. Since I have a real keyboard, at east I can type HTML to make it happen in text view.
  • As with last time, two finger scroll helped.
  • Additionally, control arrows helped with end of line and end of text area

I have the Kensington keyboard and folio. The idea is that the iPad screen is propped up at a nice angle as you type. That works. The problem is that my lap isn’t the most stable surface for this to be sitting on. It mostly works. However twice so far (within the first two hours),the iPad slipped out an started to fall. Luckily, the folio is magnet supported so nothing bad happened. And Safari considered my catching it to be a delete message and prompted me for whether I want to delete or cancel. This seems like an accident waiting to happen so I’ll make sure to save often! And try to get to sessions early enough to get a table seat.

Caps lock
The keyboard is very clear on when caps lock is on. There is a red light. I think I’m accidentally turning on the iPad caps lock at times though as sometimes caps lock appears “backwards” on the keyboard

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