no more sysdeo tomcat launcher on eclipse juno

I missed testing something big in my Eclipse Juno (4.2) review.  I tried out features and editors but didn’t actually start up my web app.  When I did that I, learned that Sysdeo doesn’t work with Juno.  And by that, I mean the icons don’t display and their website doesn’t say anything about Eclipse 4.2 support.  It didn’t say anything about Indigo (3.7) support either but Eclipse hadn’t changed enough to matter.

Which finally forced me to try out WTP’s server’s review.  It’s a lot like Rational Application Developer.  You have the Server view and right click to stop/start.  It’s fine, but I’ll miss the one click start a bit.

How to configure

  1. Add a new server runtime.
  2. Point it to already installed Tomcat 7 – /usr/local/apache-tomcat-7.0.14
  3. In server view, double click the server
  4. Change server location to “Use Tomcat installation” (we have CodeRanch configured to use the expanded war and be deployed to webapps automatically.)

How it works

It’s fine.  No complaints.  Not significantly harder than Sysdeo.  In fact, it is more similar to my work machine.  Sysdeo was a good ride for many years though.

7 thoughts on “no more sysdeo tomcat launcher on eclipse juno

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  2. You can press the “Start” button in the server view instead of right-clicking – but for this the server view has to be visible and the server has to be selected.

    Or you can install the Jboss tools ( nightly for 4.2 at the moment) to get server control buttons for one click start.

  3. I’ve been using Junu with the Sysdeo Plugin quite happily. I did a clean install of Juno and then downloaded the latest version of the plugin from Sysdeo. No problemo.

  4. Like Antony Jackson, I’ve easily installed de Sysdeo 3.3 plugin on Juno and it works fine with Tomcat 7.
    Best regards,

  5. It’s been a few months and I still like Sysdeo better than WTP. I tried installing it fresh and it worked this time. Must have been a problem with “upgrading” the whole Eclipse. Thanks for the confirmation it worked so I could try it again. The website still doesn’t say anything about Eclipse 3.7 or 4.2, but it clearly works.

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