svn, global search/replace and recovery

I started with a nice simple problem: do a global search and replace on the image directory path to save bandwidth (by pointing to a caching server.)  I used this regular expression and then had two problems:

  1. This isn’t easy to read (which isn’t a huge deal since I only have to run it once.)
  2. The find and replace updated the hidden .svn directory too.  Which meant when I went to sync with SVN, it thought it was up to date and didn’t commit anything.
More on both these problems.
Problem 1 – Unreadable regexp

find $path/templates/default -type f | xargs perl -pi -e ‘s/\$\{contextPath\}\/templates\/default\/images/\$\{imagesServedFrom\}\/templates\/default\/images/g’

All right.  What does this do?
  1. Find all files in the templates/default directory or any subdirectories
  2. Do a search for ${contextPath}/templates/default/images and replace with ${imagesServedFrom}/templates/default/images
I’m sure there is a clearer way of writing this.  I didn’t bother once I had something working because I only have to run it once.  (Famous last words, I know.)
Problem 2 – Updating SVN

The bigger problem is that I made a bunch of other changes in my commit and didn’t notice that none of the template/default/image changes got committed.  Eclipse/SVN didn’t commit the changed files because the .svn directory’s base file was changed as well.

I solved this by disconnecting from SVN in Eclipse. (Team disconnect) and deleting the metadata when prompted.  I then reconnected to SVN, Eclipse saw the difference and I committed normally.

If I was doing this again, I’d update the find statement to exclude the .svn directories.

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