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I recently deleted someone’s thread at coderanch where the post was just links to blog posts.  There’s a time and place for everything.  Which got me thinking about where it belongs.  Let’s look at some social media sites for Java.

Sharing links

Starting point is sharing links followed by comments/discussion.  I’m leaving out the framework specific forums like Spring’s.

Forums or Q&A

Starting point is a question or discussion topic.

Q&A only

I separate stack overflow because it is more Q&A focused than the forum sites.

What else?

What others do you use?  Which is your favorite?

5 thoughts on “types of info sharing sites

  1. I have never tried reddit or slashdot and would like to hear if they are really good to visit. Will I miss out on lot of information if I dont visit those sites?
    I use dZone lot of times and its updates via twitter.
    I also read up from InfoQ.com
    But mostly I use the feeds which I get from twitter.
    Smashing Magazine is good for UI related articles. Even IBM Developerworks has good articles – I use its Java and Web sections.
    PS: Twitter was the source for this article as well 🙂

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