“example goes here”

A light post for a Friday:
Now that the FIRST robotics season is over, I think back to some documentation that says “example goes here.” Or our personal favorite to laugh at: a very serious description that says to carefully follow all the settings in the picture. Immediately followed by “picture goes here”.

I thought of this because I came across something in the PMD plugin:

         [Enter extension point usage example here.]
         [Enter API information here.]

I think this meant by the Eclipse developers to show what a plugin looks like. To me, it’s a nice reminder to proofread what you develop.

2 thoughts on ““example goes here”

  1. Oh god, I have done this. But the “insert x here” always makes me laugh because my mind jumps to “…miracle occurs here”…

    Your example of “carefully follow the setting in the [missing] picture” is one I have been experiencing as I switch primarily to iPad for surfing, and I keep finding tutorial/instructional pieces with video that my Flash-challenged (or we prefer Flash-FREE) device cannot view.

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