registering for the scea part 2

Note: Oracle no longer uses Prometric so this procedure is no longer valid.


Registering for Oracle Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Downloadable Project was a nice little adventure.  I expected it to take 5-10 minutes.  Instead it took close to a half hour to figure out what to do.  I’m writing up the tricks here to expedite the process for others.

As regular readers of this blog know, I took a break from the SCEA while taking the Core Spring certification.  (To read about part 1 see Jeanne’s SCEA part 1 experiences.)  Now I’m ready to buy the assignment portion – part 2.

In theory, what you need to do is well documented by Sun/Oracle.  The names of things are in a state of flux.  But that’s to be expected given the certification names are switching from Sun to Oracle in four days.  That was not a problem.

Let’s walk through the procedure together.

Click First Time Registration and create your web testing profile. You must have your Prometric ID you used when you took 310-052 at Prometric when you create your web registration here. Without this Prometric ID your certification records will not merge. Your Prometric ID will start with “SR” followed by 7 characters.

Issue #1: Looks like I need my prometric id before I get started.  That should be in my e-mail confirmation for part one, right?  No such luck.  I found it in two places.

  1. Logon to prometric and choose “update personal information”. Then it shows your SR_______ id.  (It is not located in candidate history under prometric which is another place I looked.)
  2. It is on the score report for part 1.  Had I registered for part 2 right after part 1, this would have been more readily apparent.

Issue #2 : I looked high and low on the prometric site for a “first time registration” link.  (Added confusion that this can’t be your first time registring – you’ve already taken and passed part 1.)  Eventually, I decided to read the SCJD instructions in hopes of a clue.  And voila – the “first time registration” link is underneath that on the same page with the instructions!  I do not find this obvious at all.  Once you are done reading the SCEA instructions, one would think everything else on the page is about the SCJD.  Why it isn’t a clickable link in step one of the instructions is beyond me.

Issue #3: After entering my prometric id, I need to “Select a Test Provider or Program”.  My choices are “Certification” and “Sun Partner Advantage Certification.”  I’m going to assume it is the former because I would have heard of the later if it applied to me.

Issue #4: Prometric already has a lot of this information (address/phone/etc).  Why do I have to enter it again?  It should be linked from my candidate id, no?

I’ve now spent about twenty five minutes just on step 1.  I certainly hope it goes smoother from here on out.

Once you have created your profile by First Time Registration you will be at the candidate menu, click the Public Tests Submit button.

Issue #1: There is no “public tests” link after creating my profile.  There is a “take tests” link.  And once I click that, there is a “public tests” link.  Not an important missing step – at least here it was obvious what to do.

Choose the SCEA 310-301A exam. There is no promotion or voucher code.

This step went smoothly.

Your SCEA assignment is randomly chosen from a pool of assignments. You must print your assignment. The exam session will stay valid for 2 hours after which time you will not be allowed to relaunch the exam assignment. You have up to one year to complete the assignment and the essay. The Part 3 exam (310-062) is an essay which you should take immediately after completing your work on the assignment. The essay exam asks you questions about your assignment, so it is important that you take 310-062 while your assignment is fresh in your mind. You must take 310-062 at Prometric, like you did with 310-052. We cannot grade 310-301A without the completion of 310-062.

Almost.  Oracle’s page says you get two hours to print the assignment.  Prometric’s page says you get two hours in the test summary and one hour in the description.  It really is two hours.  The two hours begins from when you choose “begin test.”  Printing was easy – everything is on one web page so it is just browser print.  It was a four page printed document.  I also printed a copy to my installed Primo PDF driver to save it as a PDF file in case I want to print another copy later.

And done!  Now I can actually read the assignment.

A finally interesting note – while registering for the exam, it said the passing score is not disclosed.  But the passing score is in the exam description.  Odd.

8 thoughts on “registering for the scea part 2

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  2. Please, I try for a long time to put on pratice this advices present in this article, but nothing success. I update my information on prometric site (Prometric_ID), try to access oracle site, but nothing works.

    could you help me!


  3. Hi, I have cleared part 1 scea. I have a prometric testing id which begins with SR…. As per your post I have to use that in the “first time registration” link. however, I do not find any payment gateways here? Where do I have to pay for the exam?

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    Thank you for an effort to put all this into your blog, very helpfull !!!
    I am very surprised how big mess all this is….

    Thanks one more time!


  5. Hello,
    I gained good information from this forum, thus time to give back.
    I had asked oracle about the confusion.
    My questions to them were
    1. From where do I buy the part 2 exam 310-301A.
    2. From where do I download my exam.
    3. The URL where I should upload my assignment.
    4. The steps for appearing part 3 of the exam.

    Their answer –
    Thank you for writing to Oracle Certification Program.

    We request you to visit Prometric web site at to view the steps to purchase and download the assignment.
    Please note that we have changed the process of remitting assignments to make it more convenient for the candidate. Instead of waiting for upload permissions, please email your completed assignment to us directly at ***** Please be sure you have completed your essay exam (310-062) before sending us your completed assignment and include your Prometric test ID with your submission. To register for the essay go to
    [I edited the email id to avoid spam]

    The answer was informative.

    The catch – for me the problem was not knowing where to pay, however, few days after I receive this mail I found the text at changed. The point number 3 now read as “Choose the SCEA 310-301A exam. Complete payment to download test. ”

    So it meant that you do buy, download, register everything from that site itself.
    That helped me.

    I hope it will help you all also.

    Am now preparing the assignment.


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