what happened to the java programmer plus certification?

Where did the Sun Java Programmer Plus Certification go?

[edit: July 12nd – it’s back now]


This week I’ve blogged about Sun announcing a beta for the new Sun Java Programmer Plus Certification including why requiring programming is such a great thing and how it differs from the existing SCJP/SCJD.

Current links

If you Google “Sun Java Programmer Plus Certification”, the first link is currently the one to Sun’s announcement page.  (the second is to this blog)

Clicking on Sun’s link gives a “page not found.”  Sun also took the call for beta testers off their training page.

What’s going on?

With nothing posted from Sun about where this information went, that leaves us to wonder:

  • Did Sun not mean to announce this  yet?
  • Did Sun get cold feet and decide not to do it?
  • Did Sun realize the SCJP makes them a lot of money and they want to continue the multiple choice exam?
  • Did Sun get enough applicants for the July 22-31 beta and pull the information?
  • Did Sun realize people might be hesitant to take the existing exam when a new one is on the way?
  • What gives???

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3 thoughts on “what happened to the java programmer plus certification?

  1. Carl,
    I wrote this, not Scott. In any case, it’s back now. Technical fluke?

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