SpringOne live blog – scaling the build process at home depot

Scaling the Build Process at Home Depot
Speaker: Matt McKenny & Jeff Millimek

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  • Previously had regimented build process – had to be Java on Tomcat with Eclipse.
  • Now can use almost anything.
  • Shift to culture of expermentation
  • Focus on speed and feedback
  • Opinionated about not having an opinion


  • Need to change tools/stack as learn
  • Used to have one Enterprise Jenkins for everyone. People wanted different plugins so became special snowflakes.
  • With Cloud can get new Concourse CI cloud server in 8 minutes vs ticket and waiting
  • Provide example pipelines – search and replace example repo with team one and good to go [isn’t this a lot of repetition?]
  • Slack – easier to discuss with remote people – communication and info sharing. Worked with managers to make sure everyone had a certain amount of time to spend on slack.
  • In person, use stickies

For publicly traded companies

  • track actuals of labor or average over a period of time
  • SOX – move away from waterfall tollgate and build new change management approach with pipelines

Lessons learned

  • No single owner of how do CI. Need to include developers. Everyone be part of the conversation. Less likely for everyone to standup own thing.
  • At scale, individual choices harder. Allow for common path and then iterate on snowflakes.
  • Free/cheap on demand servers
  • Secure social collaboration
  • Work with teams who want to change
  • 300+ concourse servers. Also have Jenkins, Drone, TeamCity

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