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Cloud-Native Streaming and Event-Driven Microservices
Speaker: Marius Bogoevici
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  • Streaming is processing large quantitiesof data as fast as possible -near real time.
  • Collection of eents – in order
  • Good for real time ELT, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, QoS, etc
  • high throughput/low latency


  • Cohesive, organizational allignment (Conway’s law)/li>
  • Development agility – optimized for replacement, enable continuous delivery
  • Failure isolation
  • Granlar resource tuning – can scale specificparts of pipeline

Event driven microservices

  • Communicate thrugh message broker vs http
  • Decoupled
  • Publish/subscribe makes it easy to add new elements

Think about opertional complexity – need to be able to provision/montitor. Want this part to be boring. It’s not the business value. Hence cloud-native; the platform should take care of these concerns.
Support Spring WebFlow- Cloud Foundry, Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, Apache YARN

Spring XD – first incarnation. In 2015, it turned into Spring Cloud Stream/Task/Data Flow.

Spring Cloud stream

  • event-driven microservices framework
  • Built on Spring Boot and Spring Integration
  • Binder abstraction – core of framework – connects channels to messaging middleware of your choice
  • Apache Kafka and Rabbit MQ are prod ready support
  • Based on pipes and filters. The logic is in the fiters
  • Spring Cloud Data Flow

    • Orchestration of services
    • Provides Stream DSL
    • Describe deployment
    • Deploys using SPI (service provider interface)
    • Deployment descritpor to specify what want to happen

    Interesting. And we got to read more Flux code. Appreciating Victor’s talk from yesterday even more! I would have liked if “opinionated primitives” was described more. While I understand what the concept means, I’m not that clear on how it relates to the framework. I also had to Google the term SPI. This might have been a presentation for which I lacked pre-req knowledge. The session felt longer than the others. Checking the log for this blog post, it was a little longer; but not a ton so. I think just too much sitting for me!

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